Progress on Air Quality

Conservative run Westminster City Council is taking drastic action to improve air quality in our city.

The Conservatives won a majority at the last local election on a platform of making Westminster one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the UK, and we’re keeping this promise.

Since May 2018 we have implemented a series of practical policies to improve air quality. We’ve created a schools’ clean air fund using proceeds from the diesel parking surcharge, introduced two flexible vehicle sharing schemes to reduce the number of cars on our streets and expanded our #DontBeIdle campaign, successfully targeting taxis and delivery vehicles.

On top of this, as a council we are retrofitting all our bin lorries with cutting edge technology to reduce the amount of harmful emissions they produce by 99%.

Air quality in Westminster is getting better but there is still more to do. Westminster has more electric car charging points than any other London borough and even though we’ve increased the number of charging points since last May we have an ambitious plan to install even more. Please continue to apply for electric car parking charge points in your area here.

We’ve also committed to plant many more new trees across Westminster and implement a walking and cycling strategy to encourage and promote the way we travel around our city.

Improving air quality in Westminster must be top priority for us all, not just for the here and now, but for future generations of residents and visitors to our great city.