CLWCA Francophone Group

The CLWCA Francophone Group was established in 2016 to foster closer links between the Francophone community and Conservatives living or working in the Cities of London and Westminster.

The Group is keen on welcoming French speakers and those with an interest in the Francophone community to its events, which are open to everyone.

As part of the Association, the purpose of the Francophone Group is to spread the Conservative message and get Conservatives elected. There are three aspects to this:

  • Campaigning for Conservative candidates 
  • Fundraising to support campaigning activities
  • Promoting awareness of the entitlement to vote in UK elections, and the importance of doing so, within the Francophone community living in the UK and eligible to do so.

To find out more please contact the Group by email or via our offices in 90 Ebury Street, by calling 020 7730 8181.

Chairman: Ingrid Lagarrigue

Vice Chairman: George-Michael Mourtzilas