CLWCA Women's Group

The Women's Group is an important part of the Association, playing a valuable role both financially and administratively. All female members of the Association are automatically part of this group and the national Conservative Women's Organisation. 

The Conservative Women's Organisation (CWO) represents the women of the Conservative Party. Founded in 1919, its roots go back to 1885 and the Primrose league. If you're a women member of the Conservative Party then you're already a member of the national CWO. The CWO is the oldest women's political organisation in the world: striving for better female representation at all levels; developing transferable skills; increasing the number of women who vote; giving women more choices and opportunities in the Party and politics. The CWO has a large number of offerings which include: nationwide networking; volunteering and campaigning; and political forums.

You can contact the Conservative Women's Group by email, or via our offices at 90 Ebury Street.

For more information about the Conservative Women's Organisation please visit their website by clicking here.