GLA Conservatives unveil third 'Cost of Khan' report

This week we have published our annual audit of Sadiq Khan's record as Mayor of London. For the past three years, Khan has squandered the unique opportunity the mayoralty provides to improve Londoners' lives across our city.

The Mayor has so far presided over an alarming hike in violent crime, lagging affordable housing targets, and a damaging down-turn in Transport for London's finances. As it stands, the legacy of Sadiq Khan's mayoralty will be defined by financial incompetence, a raft of broken promises, and a lack of deliver for Londoners. 

Download the full  'Cost of Khan 3' report to see our full audit of Sadiq Khan's failures, broken promises and to find the truth behind his boastful rhetoric. 

On Sadiq Khan's watch

  • Violent crime has rocketed with knife crime increasing by 52%, burglary by 37% and robbery by 59%. The Mayor's response has been to avoid responsibility and blame others for his failure to get a grip of the crisis.
  • House building has been sluggish under the Mayor, despite his claims to have started a record number of affordable homes. After three years, Khan has started almost 10,000 fewer affordable homes compared to Boris Johnson's first three years as Mayor.
  • Crossrail has been derailed and the delay is costing Londoners an extra £30 million a week. This massive bill, combined with the financial crisis TfL faces under Sadiq Khan, has put necessary transport upgrade on hold. 

Khan's Wrong Priorities For London

  • As violent crime has spiralled out of control on Khan's watch, the Mayor has repeatedly pleaded poverty instead of using his £18.5 billion budget to put more bobbies on the beat. Sadiq Khan has rejected our plan to pay for an extra 1,378 police officers to keep London safe. 
  • Londoners know only too well that the housing crisis is getting worse, not better. As Mayor, Sadiq Khan has made the problem worse by abandoning the target for affordable family homes and preventing development on many industrial brownfield sites. 
  • Transport for London's deficit is expected to reach £1 billion next year due to the Mayor's financial mismanagement. This has resulted in underground line extensions, station upgrades and pro-active road maintenance being delayed. Instead of working to get TfL's finances back on track Sadiq Khan has chosen to lose £25 million of advertising revenue by banning junk food - a policy that we've shown will not work. 

Dry statistics aside, Londoners from all corners of the capital know that our city is heading in the wrong direction under Sadiq Khan. Parents are feeling increasingly anxious about letting their children out alone, our public transport system is creaking having been starved of investment while home ownership is becoming even more of an impossible dream for young Londoners and families alike.
Londoners might be more forgiving of Khan’s failures had he not promised so much. Whether it is house building, strikes, transport fares or even tree planting, it is clear that there is a gargantuan difference between what this Mayor says and what he does. After three years of broken promises, how can Londoners trust a word Sadiq Khan says?