Working with the Victoria Business Improvement District

Councillors Aiken and Wilkinson have had the first of regular meetings with the Victoria Business Improvement District (BID). This is a business-led and funded body set up in 2010 to support economic growth in Victoria.

Waste and recycling pilots on their way

Warwick Councillors are consistently working to improve waste disposal and recycling in Warwick Ward. This has included a campaign advising on how to dispose of rubbish correctly and greater enforcement. We have seen improvements but there is more to done.

Working to reduce begging across Mayfair

Councillor Jonathan Glanz reports: 

I have become increasingly concerned over recent months with begging in and around the Mayfair area of the Ward.

Unsafe Working Conditions from Local Betting Shop

Jonathan Glanz, Councillor for West End Ward writes:

As a Ward Councillor I take seriously the role the council must play in ensuring the safety of residents and visitors to our area.

It is for this reason that I was concerned to hear of an issue at Ladbrokes on Argyll Street.