Success for the Lumiere Festival Comes at a Cost

Councillor Jonathan Glanz reports:

Residents will be aware that central London recently played host to the hugely successful Lumiere Festival, and a number of lighting installations were scattered across the area, including across parts of Mayfair and Soho.

Dealing with Illegal Parking in Shepherd Market

A number of residents around Shepherd Market have contacted me regarding cars parking illegally and dangerously around the area.

I have been working with officers, and can confirm that the specific drivers and cars responsible for this parking have been identified.

Dealing with fly tipping, street furniture damage and more

Councillor Antonia Cox reports:

Our City Inspector John Whelan does such a good job tackling black bin overflow, fly tipping hot spots, rough sleepers’ waste and the rest that I’d like to broadcast his report this month.

Freeing up parking spaces for everyone

Westminster Conservatives have brought in a new range of measures to tackle over-running roadworks and long parking suspensions to free up parking for local residents, shoppers and commuters.

New tech to protect disabled parking bays

Westminster Conservatives have brought in a new state-of-the-art sensor technology pilot to crack down on inconsiderate drivers misusing disabled parking bays.

Faster broadband for central London

BT have confirmed that 142 cabinets in Westminster will be upgraded to fibre connection in the next two years, following a campaign by Westminster Conservatives.