Have your say on the City of London Crime Plan

Have your say on the City of London Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Plan

Nickie and Freddie’s Plan is to:

  • increase police visibility and make sure police officers are patrolling our neighbourhoods where they belong.
  • get more lighting on our streets and housing estates.
  • press the City of London Police and the City of London Corporation to take a zero-tolerance approach to drug taking in public
  • seek changes to the City’s Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy to address these specific problems.  
  • work with the Department for Transport, the City of London Police and providers to ensure responsible cycling across the City.

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City Crime Plan

Are you aware of a crime or any anti-social behaviour taking place in your local area?
And how safe do you feel walking around your neighbourhood during the day?
Have you personally witnessed or experienced any crime or anti-social behaviour?
And how safe do you feel walking around your neighbourhood at night?
Are you happy with the level of policing in your neighbourhood?
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