Tackling problem landlords

Cllrs Heather Acton and Antonia Cox have worked with residents, landlords, the Police and Council officers to ensure that we continue to tackle problems with problem landlords bringing in new tenents and your councillors have agreed to allocate Ward Budget funding to part fund a team of four enforcement officers to enable the good work to continue.

Landlords who bring in new tenants for periods under three months are usually breaking planning law. Visitors who chose not to use our area’s hotels do not know how to dispose of rubbish and often dump waste on the street. Late night activity including partying and use of minicabs cause disturbance. Recent arrests and convictions have highlighted the additional problem of widespread housing benefit fraud in the shortletting activities round the Edgware Road. Suspect claims for benefits have been withdrawn as a result, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

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