Parking on Estates and new Traffic Orders

Parking enforcement on Council estates is to be transferred to the Council’s parking enforcement teams under a ‘Traffic Management Order’ (TMO), starting with Churchill Gardens in April. Existing permit holders will be guaranteed a replacement permit at no extra charge. The ‘payment holiday’ for parking charges for all permit holders on the Churchill Gardens estate will remain in place until the TMO is fully introduced. 

The Council will soon begin the statutory consultation and will be writing to residents. Maps showing the proposed location of road markings and signage will be available for inspection and residents will have the opportunity to comment. Alongside the statutory consultation, Westminster Housing Services will also be organising sessions for residents to discuss the proposals.

Whilst this work is undertaken, an enhanced enforcement regime against unauthorised parking will continue on the estate, carried out by the Council’s Housing Services in coordination with the police and London Fire Brigade. The regime includes issuance of Red Notices on vehicles and collecting their details for possible future legal action. Over 2,000 notices have been issued across Westminster so far, with over half of those on Churchill Gardens, and 49 “letters before action” have been sent out to persistent offenders.

Photo: Cllr Gassanly with WCC Housing Officers on a parking enforcement patrol in Churchill Gardens