Action on Pedicabs in Hyde Park Ward

The Westminster noise team has been issuing warning letters and patrols have been organised with police to deal with the influx of pedicabs in Hyde Park Ward. This action is thanks to pressure from your Hyde Park Councillors.

St James's Councillors take action on noise nuisance

St James's Ward Councillors have arranged for joint operations between the police, local street wardens and the Council’s noise team to tackle the loud street performers in Leicester Square, Covent Garden and the surrounding areas, who seriously disturb both residents and businesses throughout th

Save money on your energy bills

Westminster residents could save money on their energy bills thanks to the Big Community Switch. The scheme pits the energy companies against each other to bid the lowest price to supply your energy. Your Westminster Conservatives through Westminster City Council are currently signing up people now, but hurry, applications close on 18 November and after that an auction for your energy supply takes place the following day.

Car club renewed

Westminster Conservatives have successfully renewed the car club scheme with Zipcar, bringing residents continued savings and environmental benefits.
The scheme enables use of cars parked in on-street places across the city and throughout Greater London.