Photography at Events

Guidance on photography at events managed by the Cities of London & Westminster Conservative Association (CLWCA) and its subsidiary groups

This policy is provided to inform members of the public, who may or may not be members of CLWCA, of their responsibilities with regard to film and photography involving images of individuals at our events.  CLWCA encourages those wishing to enjoy photography at our events while maintaining a proactive approach in preventing any misuse of photographic and film equipment.

PLEASE NOTE as a member of the public you are free to take photographs as you wish at all public events, we just ask as CLWCA that you have some regard to the following information: 

Private events If photography is prohibited at a particular event because it is private, this will be made very clear to all attendees.

Personal use If photographs taken at public events are for personal use only, then no consent is required.  Personal use is likely to include photographs taken of family members for enjoyment by family members or photographs taken merely as enjoyment of the event.  Please note that you are free to put your photographs / images on social media sites, however CLWCA accepts no responsibility for any action occasioning against an individual for posting an image on any site as this is out of the Association’s control.

Courtesy for others CLWCA actively encourages the use of photography as part of the enjoyment of its events, however, please be mindful that some people may not want their photographs taken, therefore if you are asked to stop taking photographs of an individual or a member of their family we ask that you respect those wishes.

Signage CLWCA is introducing signage at events where a high level of photography is anticipated.  These will inform attendees that photographs are likely to be taken.  However, when taking photographs please be courteous at all times to all attendees.

Official photographers If a photographer has been commissioned by CLWCA to photograph an event they will be clearly identifiable with a coloured bib or ID badge, if you do not wish your photograph to be taken please make the photographer aware. 

Please also note that any image or photograph taken by the official photographer will only be stored and used in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Photography and the Data Protection Act In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, an individual's image, whether it is a photograph, or on film or videotape (other than CCTV) may be considered to be personal data if an individual is identifiable from that image.  Therefore, it must be accorded the same sort of protection as any other personal data under the Act.  Please note that if a photograph is taken for personal use then the Data Protection Act does not apply.

CLWCA staff The safety and security of everyone attending our events is of prime importance.  If on a rare occasion a member of staff has concerns over the actions of someone taking photographs they will speak to the photographer concerned.  If this does occur, be assured that contact will be discreet and courteous at all times.  All staff working at our events will be fully briefed on this policy.  We reserve the right to ask anyone who does not respect this policy to leave an event.

September 2016