Greening of Victoria Street

A survey of Victoria Street took placeto identify potential tree planting sites. The survey shows that the footways are full of electricity cables which makes it difficult to plant trees. 

Protecting local heritage in Pimlico

Last year Cllr Gassanly intervened when a historic boundary stone in Holbein Place was mistakenly removed during road works. Cllr Gassanly was alerted to the fact by an eagle-eyed local resident and the stone was placed back to its original location.

Improving traffic management on Churchill Gardens

The new Traffic Management Order (TMO) on Churchill Gardens Estate has now gone live. The Order will bring public highway parking enforcement across the estate, ensuring that only residents with valid permits, bona fide visitors and contractors are able to park in the TMO area.

Electric vehicles and car sharing

The Council has launched two new flexible vehicle sharing schemes with ZipCar and DriveNow which will help reduce the number of cars on our roads. A flexible vehicle sharing scheme allows users to hire vehicles and to leave them in different on-street locations within Westminster and other partic

Rough sleeping around Westminster Cathedral Piazza

Many of you attended the meeting about anti-social behaviour and rough sleeping around the Piazza last month. Thank you. Cheap drugs and anti-social behaviour continue to be big causes of concern. We are holding another public meeting in June.

Cundy Street Flats proposals

Grosvenor Group have recently announced plans for the redevelopment of Cundy Street Flats and Walden House (the adjacent Council-leased block). They say the proposals will deliver more homes, new amenities and improved public spaces.