Ebury Bridge for all - An update from Cllr Gassanly

I strongly welcome Westminster Council’s decision to go ahead with building 750 new homes as part of its Ebury Bridge estate development. At least 342 of these will be affordable housing.

Improving care at home when you need it

We want to make sure all our elderly get the best care possible. Westminster City Council set up a new team earlier this year to work both with organisations providing care for people at home, and with residential care homes.

Visitors' diesel parking surcharge

Westminster City Council’s consultation on extending the Diesel Surcharge from the Marylebone Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN) across the city had the highest response-rate of any recent Council survey.

Oxford Street District Improvement Project

Westminster City Council rejected the Mayor of London's seriously misguided plans for the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street after a thorough review following consultation with residents and businesses. 

Balmoral Castle Petition Update

As your local Conservative councillor I have been campaigning for the Balmoral Castle site on Churchill Gardens estate to be used for sheltered and community-supported social housing. Last year I organised a petition which was signed by over 300 Churchill Gardens residents.

A new Post Office in Bryanston & Dorset Square Ward

We have received plans from Royal Mail for a new in-store Post Office at The Fruit Garden on Melcombe Street, to open on Tuesday 6th November. Your Councillors fully support this proposal and the benefit it will bring to residents.

Quieter trains arriving at Marylebone Station

Marylebone Station is London’s only all-diesel station. Both residents and local Councillors have been actively lobbying Chiltern Railways to reduce diesel pollution.

St. Edward's School gets a breath of fresh air

In 2017, your Conservative Councillors funded a survey by King’s College London into the level of NO2 in the Ward, with the aim of obtaining hard scientific data which could persuade organisations to take the level of air-pollutants seriously, and support applications for funding to alleviate the