A Ward Welcome

In January the three ward Councillors, Richard Beddoe, Sheila D’Souza and Audrey Lewis invited all new ward residents to a Welcome to the Ward Forum at the Council House. Audrey Lewis explained how Ward Budget money was being spent on extra warden services to deal with the evening economy flourishing in the Edgware Road. She also explained that, together with Hyde Park Ward, they had set up an Edgware Road Delivery Group to deal with local problems and, in addition, employed a special team of planning enforcement officers to cope with the highly prevalent problem of illegal ‘short-letting’.

Sheila D’Souza explained how local health services were being re-organised and how to find a GP or dentist. She also discussed concerns about air quality. Richard Beddoe referred to the complaints about street cleaning, especially at weekends, and the intention to improve this with an extra grant of money. He explained that a new domestic violence court has opened at the Magistrates Court. The Councillors offered to answer questions on licensing, Marylebone Station and domestic violence.

The Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Officer explained what was being done to tackle rough sleeping and begging – particularly in respect of Eastern Europeans - and introduced the ward’s new Safer Neighbourhood Team sergeant. The Council has finalised the lease of the Council House to the London Business School and plans to site the new library in Luxborough Street are being progressed. The meeting concluded with an invitation to attend the regular Marylebone Area Forum to become involved in local affairs.

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