Tachbrook Councillors push for community use for old library

The new library on the corner of Lupus and Claverton Streets has been well received by users. But there is less happiness about the future of the old library building in Rampayne Street. It has been marketed by the Council for some time now, and the only serious bid received has come from Sainsbury’s who want to open a store in the building.

Sainsbury’s has been told that it will be granted a lease if it can secure planning consent for change of use. Many nearby residents are very concerned at the prospect of a Sainsbury’s store on that site, concerns that are shared by the ward councillors. Sainsbury’s intention is to open from 7am to 11pm every day, so there will be early morning deliveries and late night disturbance on the quiet Tachbrook Street. Delivery vehicles will, at any time, cause a problem especially with residents living right above, and there will be a serious threat to local small retailers.

When we see the detailed plans, it is very likely that local councillors will support those residents who will object to the planning application. We believe that the building should remain in some form of community use and invite residents and interested groups to talk to us.

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