Rough sleepers and beggars in Tachbrook

Many residents have been in touch with us concerned about the number of rough sleepers and beggars in the neighbourhood and Pimlico tube subway in particular. Despite being approached with many offers of accommodation and support over the last few months, the rough sleepers in the tube station repeatedly turned them down.

For people who have fallen on hard times Westminster City Council, working with our charity partners like The Passage, St Mungo’s and many more, spends over £6million a year to help rough sleepers back towards independent living, and a free bed is available any night for UK, Commonwealth and most European nationals. If you’re concerned about someone sleeping rough, please contact Street Link on 0300 500 0914 or visit their website, and they’ll make sure our local outreach teams in Westminster will come out to help. If you would like to give money, please consider donating to The Passage or St Mungo’s rather than giving directly to people on the street. 

After weeks of work, we are pleased to report that your Local Councillors, working with the Integrated Street Engagement Unit, persuaded all the individuals to take up beds to receive the care and support they need.  We know over time others may come to the tube station and they too will be offered help. You will have noticed that begging is on the rise. Recent research has shown that begging is mostly for drugs, and that most beggars have homes.

Our Integrated Street Engagement Unit comprises Council Officers, Social Workers, Homelessness Charities and the Police, working together towards the goal of ensuring no rough sleeper has to spend a second night on the streets. Westminster City Council works extremely closely with local charities, The Passage and St Mungo’s, to provide initial shelter and support back to independent living.