Protecting the Vincent Square Neighbourhood

“Protecting the Vincent Square neighbourhood from unneighbourly planning applications big or small, is a major part of the job of your local Conservative councillors” says Councillor Selina Short. Nobody wants our area to be preserved in aspic, but a few developers try to land unfriendly and compromising building proposals in our community. 

Recently, working with neighbours, we persuaded the Council’s major planning committee to reject proposals for a massive new hotel on Vauxhall Bridge Road which would have dominated the homes of Carlisle Place neighbours. Now proposals have come forward to turn the old Press Association building at the top of Vauxhall Bridge Road into another ugly and more dominating hotel. We are working with the community either to block the application or to achieve change and a compromise neighbours support. We don’t want to give the wrong impression, usually when councillors get involved in planning, it is to help neighbours work things through to ensure friendly agreement and most planning matters are routine and non-controversial.