New Controls on Busking and Street Entertainers

Busking and street entertainment can bring a high degree of entertainment and pleasure to our streets. But they can also create excessive noise and be a nuisance, causing blockages on pavements and imposing themselves on those around them.

Conservative-led Westminster Council is launching a pilot to trial new forms of controls in areas with high levels of these activities, which are in and around the West End: Oxford Street, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. There are public meetings coming up soon if you would like to learn more as a resident, business or street performer.

Details of the events and the pilot programme can be found here.

Cllr Timothy Barnes, West End Ward and Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Education and Skills, explained

"While many of the acts that perform in the West End are are an asset, bringing joy to locals and visitors alike, we can’t allow them to continue where they make life miserable for residents in their homes who have no chance to escape. This pilot has been in development for many months and I am confident it will help us address the problems that busking can create."