Late night applications tackled in Vincent Square

Your local Conservative Councillors Danny Chalkley, David Harvey and Steve Summers have supported residents in objecting to three recent licensing and planning applications.

A licensing application for large scale events to be held on the Chelsea College of Art’s parade ground on Atterbury Street by the Tate has been submitted. The proposal would see late night events, potentially six nights per week, taking place. Your Conservative Councillors backed residents' concerns relating to late night noise and disruption for residents on nearby Millbank, the Ponsonbys and the Millbank estate.

We recently spoke on behalf of residents objecting to a planning application to turn a sandwich shop next to the Surprise pub on Vauxhall Bridge Road into a late night pizza takeaway. Residents were concerned about noise nuisance, as well as problems with increased anti social behaviour and litter. The application was refused.

Your local Conservative Councillors combined with residents to block plans for a late night licensed "pingpong" club and bar. While we and local residents praised the project entrepreneurs, no-one wanted a late night club right next to their homes on residential streets around Ashley Gardens. Residents and Councillors together forcefully established the probable impact of the proposal on peace and quiet by looking at similar clubs. The proposal has been dropped thanks to work from your local Councillors.

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