The Future of Ebury Bridge Estate

Churchill Conservatives welcome the Council’s decision to proceed with the Ebury Bridge estate project. We understand there were problems with the original scheme which resulted in a long delay. The Council rightly apologised for this to residents at a public meeting in June.

We must now proceed with the scheme at speed and work with residents to develop a new proposal. This is an opportunity to increase affordable housing provision on the estate. Some 50 tenants at Ebury Bridge, adults and children, live in overcrowded conditions – they should be prioritised for new flats on the estate. We also need more social-rent housing and more intermediate rent housing for working families. The rights of leaseholders and shop-keepers on the estate must also be protected. These are the priorities Churchill Conservatives are leading on.

It is disappointing that instead of putting residents first the Labour Party is playing politics with the Ebury Bridge estate. In 2014 they had pledged to support the project. Yet in July Labour put a Motion to the Full Council meeting, supported by Churchill ward Labour councillors, calling for it to be scrapped and for a private/public partnership to take over the Ebury Bridge scheme (see the minutes here). It is disappointing that Labour continues to oppose and campaign against this essential housing initiative - a wrong approach on all counts and shows that Labour are playing politics instead of serving the interests of the community.

If we are serious about delivering more affordable homes, tackling overcrowding on the estate, improving quality of life and providing local amenities, then we have to proceed without further delay. Churchill Conservative Councillor Murad Gassanly said: “Having dealt with a lot of casework on Ebury Bridge I understand the urgent need to get building. Residents are awaiting new homes and overcrowded households are struggling. The Council needs to correct previous mistakes and to work with the residents to develop a new scheme as soon as possible”.

Churchill Conservatives are committed to championing the Ebury Bridge project and delivering more affordable housing for our community.


Churchill Conservatives have set out our commitments on Ebury Bridge:

  1. Full right of return to new flats on the estate for tenants and leaseholders.
  2. Significantly more social and affordable housing than what there is now.
  3. Prioritise overcrowded households on Ebury Bridge for new homes.
  4. Ensure the needs and interests of shopkeepers are addressed.
  5. Residents to be closely involved from the outset in developing a new scheme.

We will work with the Council to ensure that these commitments are fulfilled and that the whole community is properly represented. We want more and better social and affordable housing in our community.

For more information about the project and to get involved, please contact the Ebury Community Engagement Centre, 1 Wainwright House, Ebury Bridge Estate; Phone: 0800 011 3467; Email:; Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

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