Cleaner, safer streets in Vincent Square

Your Councillors Danny Chalkley, David Harvey and Steve Summers are working hard for you all year round

Westminster Conservatives have always made clean, safe streets our top priority. Each year the Conservative Council invests over £30million in keeping the city clean because we know how important it is. We all know times are still financially tough and that councils have to make savings and hard choices about how to get the best value for money, but Westminster will continue to put our commitment to clean streets first.

This year your Conservative councillors have listened to what you say so:

  • Every household will continue to receive at least two doorstep refuse collections each week; 
  • We have put over 20 extra street sweepers on at weekends; 
  • We have put funds in place for extra litter bins to make it even easier for people to do the right thing; 
  • And we now have a new cleaner, more efficient fleet of cleansing vehicles to get the job done more efficiently, and more quietly.

Westminster is building on its recognition at the recent Clean Britain Awards where the city's streets came out with the highest star rating any council can receive. Conservative Westminster is determined to continue to deliver clean streets for our residents, visitors and businesses all year round.

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