Building work in Knightsbridge

Ward councillors Tony Devenish, Rachael Robathan and Philippa Roe are committed to working with both the Belgravia and Kensington resident associations and individual residents and businesses to crack down on persistent nuisance.

Residents set to benefit from Big Energy Switch

Westminster residents are set to benefit from cheaper energy thanks to Westminster's participation in the Big Energy Switch, which declared the results of their auction on Tuesday. The scheme invites companies to bid against each other to supply energy to thousands of people across the country who sign up.

Action on Pedicabs in Hyde Park Ward

The Westminster noise team has been issuing warning letters and patrols have been organised with police to deal with the influx of pedicabs in Hyde Park Ward. This action is thanks to pressure from your Hyde Park Councillors.

St James's Councillors take action on noise nuisance

St James's Ward Councillors have arranged for joint operations between the police, local street wardens and the Council’s noise team to tackle the loud street performers in Leicester Square, Covent Garden and the surrounding areas, who seriously disturb both residents and businesses throughout th