Campaign to review Liquor Licences for The Dorchester Hotel and 45 Park Lane

Local Conservative Councillors for the West End, Timothy Barnes and Jonathan Glanz, are today calling for a review of the Liquor Licences under which The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane operate. This follows legal changes introduced in Brunei by the Sultan of Brunei, the ultimate owner of both hotels. 

Brunei has introduced legislation making it a crime punishable by flogging or stoning to death to indulge in adultery or gay sex, in compliance with Sharia Law. However, the two Dorchester Group Hotels have have extensive 24-hour licences entitling them to sell alcohol to guests and visitors. This would not appear to be in strict compliance with Sharia Law and creates an apparent double standard bordering on hypocrisy whereby the Sultan profits from activities that would be illegal in his Kingdom.

The Councillors are calling for a review of the Liquor Licences on the basis that the Sultan of Brunei, acting through his employees and staff, is not a fit and proper person to hold a liquor licence.

Your Councillors are also calling for a repeal of the abhorrent new legislation and a boycott of the hotels whilst under their current ownership or whilst such legislation exists in Brunei.

If you support the licence reviews, please click here to sign the petition, which we will forward to the Sultan via the Brunei High Commission.