Building work in Knightsbridge

Ward councillors Tony Devenish, Rachael Robathan and Philippa Roe are committed to working with both the Belgravia and Kensington resident associations and individual residents and businesses to crack down on persistent nuisance. A frequent complaint from residents concerns builders causing unnecessary inconvenience, such as noisy works outside of normal working hours or unauthorised blocking of the pavement or road. All of us from time to time wish to do works to improve our home so some tolerance of our neighbours is essential, but when the disruption is excessive our enforcement teams have to be called in. To try and improve the situation going forward, we are using part of our ward budget monies to strengthen the work already undertaken by our Westminster Warden, Ravi, our building inspectors and noise teams. The new planning enforcement officer will keep a close eye on all building works in the ward and will work to bring in line the minority of builders who misbehave.

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