Bryanston and Dorset Square ward designated police surgeries re-established

We are pleased to report that the Bryanston & Dorset Square Ward Police Surgeries are being re-established at the following locations:

The Rosary Church on Wednesdays at 11am

The Seymour Leisure Centre on Thursdays at 11am

Residents are reminded that the Designated Ward Police Officers in the Safer Neighbourhood Team have relocated to Church Street, which is open from Monday to Friday 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs. All major incidents will continue to be managed from Charing Cross.

Local people are also encouraged to subscribe to Westminster Police on Nextdoor UK. Please click here for more information. You may also want to follow @MPSBryandDorSq on Twitter.

Along with our designated Police Officers, in 2019 your Councillors will continue to explore the Safer Business Network. This is a service available to businesses in the Ward, to coordinate public protection.

Safer Business Network is a not-for-profit organisation which runs Business-Crime-Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) in several different boroughs across London. BCRPs are private membership schemes, where businesses come together with the Police, the Council and other interested stakeholders to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Any business interested in joining the scheme should contact Cllr Barbara Arzymanow.