Aiken highlights need for screening review at PMQs

Member of Parliament for the Cities of London and Westminster, Nickie Aiken, asked her first question at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday. Aiken used her question to call for the Prime Minister to back her and the ArchAngel MLD Trust’s campaign calling for a review of the new-born baby screening programme.

On asking her first question and the Prime Minister’s response Aiken said, “I was delighted to ask my first PMQ yesterday highlighting the issue of new-born screening.  It’s a disgrace that the UK is seriously lagging behind the rest of the world in the number of genetic conditions that new-borns are tested. I am pleased that the Prime Minister has asked the Health Secretary to meet with me to discuss this, but understand that this is unlikely to be in the near future given the current Coronavirus outbreak.”

You can show your support for expanding screening by signing the ArchAngel MLD Trust Newborn Screening Review petition here .