Members' Special Offers - All Eat

All Eat

All Eat is an online platform for ordering food from all kinds of restaurants. Customers are able to order from their favourite local restaurants and takeaway places and it is so simple to use.

You can either choose to have your order delivered or you can collect from the restaurant.

All Eat delivers all kinds of cuisines and styles of food, including burgers, Chinese, Halal, Kebab, Indian, pizzas, vegetarian and vegan. The app makes it easy for people who have dietary restrictions and allergies to order from restaurants and the number of restaurants is increasing all the time.
All Eat offers up to 50% discount on all orders when placing an order from the special CLWCA website or by using the All Eat app which can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store or on Google Play. Also, with All Eat, you can pay with cash or card. All Eat is a fast and reliable food delivery company that will always ensure to delivery your food at a fast pace and the food will always be to a high standard.