'Economics of Brexit' Carlton Club Dinner with Professor Patrick Minford

Thursday, 21st September 2017

Thursday 21st September: 'Economics of Brexit' Carlton Club Dinner with Professor Patrick Minford

We are delighted to be welcoming Professor Patrick Minford to the Carlton Club.  This dinner has now sold out and the waiting list is closed.

How will the economics of Brexit work? What are the opportunities and risks?
What is the single market and how does it work? What are its consequences?
How does international trade work?
Why is the Euro dangerous and flawed? What are the consequences?

Patrick Minford is one of the UK's leading applied macroeconomists and commentators.

He first rose to prominence as a trusted advisor to Margaret Thatcher PM in the 1980s when Professor of Applied Economics at Liverpool University and directed the influential Liverpool Research Group in Macro Economics.

He was a member of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission from 1990-1996 and one of HM Treasury’s panel of forecasters from 1993-1996, after which he was made CBE. Between 1967-1976 he held a variety of economic positions in East Africa, industry and the Treasury and its Washington delegation.

He has published extensively including books, journal articles and op-ed pieces in the area of macroeconomics and related policy issues. He is currently Professor of Applied Economics at Cardiff University.

The event is organised in conjunction with CLWCA's Marylebone High Street ward and a £10 donation from each ticket sold will go to CLWCA.  This will form part of CLWCA's annual contribution to CCHQ.