City of Westminster Wards

There are twenty wards in the City of Westminster, each electing three councillors, and ten of these are in our parliamentary constituency:

Each ward has its own chairman and committee, runs its own fundraising events and organises campaigning within its boundaries, including canvassing and distribution of newsletters and campaign literature.

To find out which ward you live or work in, click here to visit the Westminster City Council website.


Local Councillors Push for Action on New Dangerous Drug

Rough-sleeping, begging and street drinking have been issues your Ward Councillors continue to grapple with.

By its central location and being home to so many iconic tourist attractions, Westminster attracts many desperate people looking to raise cash to feed drink-and-drug addictions.

Westminster Conservatives tackle aggressive beggars

 Many of you will be aware of the anti social behaviour and low level crime parts of Westminster has suffered recently at the hands of a large group of East European aggressive beggars and rough sleepers. Areas from Marble Arch, to the West End and Victoria have been affected.

Olympic Legacy Lives on

Westminster Conservatives are working to ensure Westminster residents benefit from the Olympic legacy.

Through the Active Westminster Passport, Westminster Conservatives have ensured all under 19 year olds and over 60s get unlimited free swimming in all our pools.