Stop the merger of our local police services!

Westminster Conservatives launch campaign to stop police merger with two other boroughs

Concerns over the Metropolitan Police Service’s plan to amalgamate Westminster with Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham will drain our neighbourhoods of local officers.

So Westminster Conservatives are urging residents and businesses to support their campaign to call on the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to rethink his plans to merge local police teams with other boroughs. 

The Mayor is currently piloting Borough Command Units in two areas of London: Camden & Islington and Barking, Redbridge & Havering. Results so far report worrying increases in police response times. Recent reports show that the most urgent 999 calls took nearly 40 minutes on average to answer, compared to a target of 15 minutes. 

Conservative Leader, Cllr Nickie Aiken explains: “Enough is enough. We have made it clear to the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for Policing that the idea of Borough Command Units are a no go as the pilots prove they are a failure. An urgent rethink is required. We are already used in Westminster to having our local neighbourhood teams diverted to deal with London-wide responsibilities such as Changing of the Guard and the hundreds of protests and marches that take place in our city. To merge with two other boroughs is madness and likely to lead to further calls on our local teams who will have to police three boroughs instead. This is why we are calling on residents and businesses to support our campaign, sign our petition and send a clear message to the Mayor to stop these merger plans.”  

Tony Devenish, the Conservative Greater London Assembly Member for West Central, said: "The public deserves to know what is happening to 999 responses. The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is planning a big shake-up of policing and so far the signs are not looking good. The Mayor and MOPAC have to do better to deliver a proper response in emergencies.”

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Stop police mergers

I call upon the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to rethink his plans to merge local police teams with other boroughs.